1948 Group

The 1948 group is a group of companies committed to excellence in the construction, waste management and recycling industries. Despite the evolution of the sectors in which we operate, core values of quality, health & sustainability have remained at the forefront of our operations since our inception.

The 1948 group began in 1977 with 'Downfast Demolition', a demolition contractor specialising in projects with high volumes reclamation and architectural salvage. As the company progressed, an opportunity was identified for a specialist waste management company to support the demolition business and offer a level of service which Downfast Demolition & Salvage struggled to find in the existing market place, subsequently Thanet Waste was formed.

Now known as DDS Demolition and TW Services, our group of companies strives to be at the forefront of our industry, paving the way with innovative ideas achieved through the application of an autonomous approach to our day-to-day business operations.

DDS Demolition

Our specialist Demolition Contractor offering demolition services across the South-East.

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Thanet Waste Services

Our Waste Recycling contractor operating from one of Kent's largest purpose built facilities.

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